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Kolhapur City Guide :

On the bank of well-known river Panchganga, Kolhapur exists. As the Panchganga is the union of five rivers, Kolhapur also has five charms i.e. Historical, Cultural, Modernization, Hospitality and Tourism. The city is blessed by Goddess Mahalaxmi. This is one of the prime reasons that attracts tourists to visit Kolhapur. The city has also great historical land marks. The nearby Panhala, Vishalgad are very famous among the visitors. Every year growth in tourism industry is being observed. Many cultural, traditional activities are celebrated in the city at immense degree. Because of the distinctiveness, these activities are becoming more and more popular. Apart from this, the traditional way of production of Kolhapuri Chappels and Jaggery are very famous and highly praised worldwide. Pacing with time and global changes, Kolhapur is rapidly transforming into modernization. Growing Corporate Industries, IT Parks are taking the city on big turn. Thus, day by day Kolhapur is becoming faster. As the city has pleasant weather conditions, tourism is also on roar. Deccan Odyssey with foreign visitors to Kolhapur every week has become familiar now. Thus, Kolhapur has been highlighted with on the global map of tourism. There is no qualm that Kolhapur is now one of the important cities of India.

Various Places Distance from Kolhapur City



Siddhagiri Museum, Kaneri

12 Km

Kolhapur Airport

13 Km

Kagal 5 Star MIDC

13 Km

Jyotiba Temple

25 Km

Panhala Fort

27 Km

Gaganbawada ( Gagangiri )

50 Km

Radhanagari / Dajipur Forest

55 Km


55 Km

Sangli Ganpati

56 Km


57 Km

Amba Ghat

70 Km

Gokak Falls

90 Km


90 Km


110 Km


125 Km


130 Km


140 Km


190 Km


160 Km


614 Km


238 Km


246 Km


394 Km

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